Kitchen Gardens

A locally grown diet with no muss or fuss.

The first time you start eating vegetables grown in your own backyard you realize that what you've been eating in the past was so bad you can't go back to it. Eating locally raised food is a growing trend. But like most people you don't have time to visit the farmer's market let alone plant a garden.

Let us build you an organic garden in your backyard, weed it weekly and even harvest the bounty, gently placing a box of vegetables on your back porch when we leave. Long-distance food is not stainable and  because of oil consumption, it actually harms the planet, contributing to global warming.

The Plaza Hotel in New York city has a "100-mile menu" for locavores who prefer locally grown food costing as little as $72.00 per person. For about that same amount (not including one time construction cost)  we can provide that person with a month's worth of organically grown veggies from their own backyard. You don't need to turn your whole backyard into a farm (we need about 300 Sq.Ft. 15'x20' minimum). We can design a very stylish potager garden (French kitchen garden) complete with a fountain and seating areas thats beautiful and functional.  

So stop watering that lawn you don't use and put that water toward a healthy diet!

California Native Gardens

California native plants are the perfect choice for easy care gardens. No special soil amendments are needed for planting and you can forget fertilizer they rarely need it. Take a look at the photo on the right,  a charming walkway with all native plants. No English cottage garden, this is our little part of a California wilderness and using about half the water!

There is a drip  irrigation system below grade (no heads to get broken). Water is adjusted seasonally with a smart controller that adjusts itself. Water is conserved using wood chip mulch between the plants  and the walkway is permeable to prevent water run off during rains.