"Our Little Part of the Earth"

All of us at KRM  are concerned about air and water pollution,  habitat loss, and garden water run-off which ends up in our local waters. We are committed to do our part by using 100% organic fertilizers, controlling pests through methods other than the use of chemicals and minimizing water use and run-off with drip irrigation.


Drip irrigation systems, drought tolerant plants, and the incorporation of permeable pavers and surfaces in our designs - we strive to ensure every drop of water goes where it is needed most.



Birds, bees, butterflies, cats and dogs play in our backyards every day - we believe they should have a safe environment, free of pesticides and other chemicals that can cause them harm.


Giving Back to Our Community

We are committed to giving back to our community and teaching our kids about native plants. Check out the California native butterfly garden at Griffith Park that we designed and built for the Children's Nature Institute!  www.cni.org.